About Me

       Hello! My name is Camille. I am from a small town in New York and am currently in school in Hawaii. I love to sew and refashion clothes and thrifted pieces.  I am also an antique store junky.  I married my high school sweetheart in 2012 in Boston. I am LDS and I love my religion. I am not perfect by any means though! Especially when I am tripping over multiple objects, losing my balance, creating many fashion faux pas and stubbing my toe while walking backwards. Yes I am that skilled. 

        I love sports and have played and enjoy many! I have a passion for Field Hockey, Cheerleading, softball and really enjoy playing volleyball and basketball with my Sweety. I performed with my dance troup for many years doing Irish Step Dance and I definitely miss it. I would say I have a mix of being ultra, princess-y girly, contrasted by go hard or go home sporty style. Quite different, but clothes can express your mood or help you create a whole new side to your personality you never knew was there. I love to find new creative ways for every day items and hope to show some fun and useful things on this here blog. 

        My main focus for my blog is just helping people to get ideas flowing about how to use what they have to create something beautiful, such as using a thrifted item to create an in style trendy top. So pull up a floor pillow, get some hot cocoa and let's get creative!

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