Sunday, November 9, 2014

I Swear I'm not Dead


Well hello! It's been a few months and life hasn't been slowing down. This is our last semester and we are definitely busy. I open my BFA exhibition in four weeks and I'm freaking out. But for photo recaps.
My hair is getting super long, curly and thick. For a girl never having hair's scary.
Myself and two other girlfriends hprented a car together and headed down for an afternoon and night of shopping and out of Laie time. Us married girls know how to party! We were out until 3am. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. I'm going to miss those girls when the time comes. It was fun to learn more about them on our drive down. I was the only one with a license so I had to drive and we had some giggles trying to figure out what each other was saying or referring to. One is from Sweden and the other from Chile. They are amazing women! But we are dumb and didn't take any pictures together. That's ok though. We made lots of memories.
Lastly for Halloween, I used all my junk amazing stuff on hand and was a black bear. Luckily I had this adorable bear ear hat from Book of Deer. I love the designer and her clothes! Her sketches are fantastic and she is super nice. If you have not heard of her or Book of Deer, go check it out now.
Also! I'm pretty sure my sisters and sister in laws have heard of Spoonflower, but my design was featured on one of their top 100 lists on the first page the other day and I was so thrilled! Also some other quick obsessions and things I would love to tell you about.
1. I love candy corn and it is very hard to come by on the island.
2. I can eat a whole bag of candy corn in 1.5 days.
3. I am obsessed with American Apparel Disco Pants. (Buy them on eBay or Poshmark WAY cheaper)
4. Poshmark is a buying/selling app and website. To sell anything you have to use the app but you can buy online. I have sold almost half of my closet in preparing for moving back to the mainland and have in the mean time, gotten my mom hooked on it in search of deals on Vera Bradley. Sorry Mom. (If you want to join use my link :) )
5. I have returned to my true New Yorker self and my closet (everything I have decided to keep out for 30 days) is all black.
5. I'm on our schools spirit and dance team and I have to say, I love these girls and our men's stunting team. I will definitely miss them.
6. Lastly, I accomplished one of my year goals and have based a partner stunt! (again forgot to take a picture so will be doing that soon!)
Thanks for sticking with me! I will be updating as we clear our apartment and hopefully get outside. I'm not joking. I don't leave the library computers. Well have a good week! And I will hopefully update before we leave Hawaii.


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  1. Holy crap, you sound so busy!! It's a crazy time, but a good time. I miss school like the dickens...anyway, I wish your show was open when I'm there! I'm excited to see you and Kevin soon!!


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