Monday, April 21, 2014

Wanna see my finals?

Today is the first day of Summer semester here and it killed me. I still have until December to be done with school and it is definitely bitter sweet.  A lot of our friends are graduating and/or going on their missions.  But even though this past semester seemed highly unbearable at times, I really enjoyed it now that it's all over.  I have started to really define my art style to a certain degree and have definitely gained more confidence in my abilities. I thought I would share with you my final projects in a few of the art classes.  I had a publication class, a work study/internship and even my Sports Nutrition class I made an art project. But first is my book. If you want to see more pictures or other projects my temporary portfolio blog can be found here. Some projects are pretty humiliating, but hey, we all start somewhere yeah?

iPad and iPad Mini case prototype designs

Farmer's Market App

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