Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our first Styling job!

Back in December/November, a new and good friend of mine, Sheyanne from The Retro Renegade, got to style a shoot together! I was asked by jay Merryweather, a professor here if we would like to style this shoot for his digital tools class project. Only catch was that we had to use our own clothes. So my shoes were too for Sorelle our lovely model, but our clothes actually fit well! I hope Sheyanne and I will get to work on more protects together before she leaves on her mission! She is very talented and aspires to be in the fashion world as well. Ah finally someone who gets it out here. Check out her blog!

Photos: Jay Merryweather and his wife

Model: Sorelle

Catalogue gif: Jay Merryweather

Catalogue images: Various students