Friday, December 13, 2013

Fashion Show and Finals

Finals are winding down and I just have one more to go! We had our Fall Fashion Show Tuesday night for the Clothing Construction and Pattern Making classes.  I am so proud of all my students in the sewing class! Many started out not knowing how to sew at all to being able to make dresses and skirts.  They put in a lot of work. Aren't their dresses and skirts great? My teacher in the red dress has the class cut out a pattern out together and she sews it and wears it at the show as well. Along with this, the pattern design class showed our own project from the semester.  I can't believe it is already over but looking back I have learned so much!

Along with all this fun stuff I had to show off my final for Typography.  This is a 20+ hour final.  I have it printed as an actual book now but it's best in issuu form.  I was so excited about it yesterday that I felt like shoving it in random peoples faces and saying "I DESIGNED A BOOK! ME! DOESN'T IT LOOK AWESOME!?" Course I only did that to the people I knew so that was just my husband. The assignment was to take a book from Project Gutenberg and update the story to be more modern and focus on type as an art form, less on the images.

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