Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Valentino Couture Fall 2013

As I look through Valentino's collections, I just always fall in love with the sophisticated nature of the garments.  The Fall 2013 Couture collection I absolutely love.  It has this Renaissance meets English Sherlock Holmes, but a pretty Sherlock Holmes.  When I saw the first photo below, I immediately thought of this painting from all my art history classes. I think what I love most about this collection is the innate blending of textures that flow into the other and make a cohesive look. I guess that's what they get paid the big bucks for right?  The velvet and embroidered silk, fur and light weight lace with sheer fabrics, and other combinations just made me want to try using more textures in my own looks. Textures give more depth to a look.  The overall muted tones of nudes, caramel golds, and some hints of burgundy really got me in the mood for fall.   Are there any collections that inspire you?


  All photos from Style.com

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