Saturday, September 7, 2013

Local Kahuku Farms

For my job's retreat yesterday, we visited local Kahuku Farms where they do a quick little tour and explain the plants they grow, how they grow them and what they produce.  This local farm was absolutely beautiful! We got to ride in a little tractor pull which reminded me of farms back home and doing tractor rides there. I learned  a lot about the plants here that heck I'd never know.  Did you know papaya's have three genders? Well yep they do! But this farm was fantastic and they have a little cafe in the front where you can get smoothies from the fruit at the farm, and ice cream as well.  I personally wanted to try their lilikoi ice cream. I. love. lilikoi. It will be something I miss when we leave hawaii. So I tried their lilikoi butter and shut the front door it was great. I may have to get back there and purchase a bottle or two. Hey I would love to support a local farm..and my need for lilikoi.
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Have a good weekend! I start fall semester again on Monday. It is my last fall semester. Yikes!

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