Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Keeping Up

I swear I have not forgotten about this blog. School has started and I was not prepared!  Have you guys been watching and catching up on London Fashion Week? For some reason I really like it better than NYFW but don't tell anyone I said that. Orla Kiely's presentation was one of my favorites. Such a story being told that the fashion is really fun.  The models must have had a good time on that one.  Watch the presentation on youtube here.

Bora Aksu opened LFW and wow I loved his collection. So many textures, layers, and the soft colors (except for that bright pink of course) I absolutely loved. I'll be looking to his collection for inspiration come spring for sure. The structure of the pieces and the complimentary fitting to the body just made the collection pleasing to look at. A+ Bora Aksu, A+.

Temperley London has been another favorite of mine, especially these gorgeous gowns.

I will share my other favorites soon but for now I have to run to class. Whoops! Have a good one!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Local Kahuku Farms

For my job's retreat yesterday, we visited local Kahuku Farms where they do a quick little tour and explain the plants they grow, how they grow them and what they produce.  This local farm was absolutely beautiful! We got to ride in a little tractor pull which reminded me of farms back home and doing tractor rides there. I learned  a lot about the plants here that heck I'd never know.  Did you know papaya's have three genders? Well yep they do! But this farm was fantastic and they have a little cafe in the front where you can get smoothies from the fruit at the farm, and ice cream as well.  I personally wanted to try their lilikoi ice cream. I. love. lilikoi. It will be something I miss when we leave hawaii. So I tried their lilikoi butter and shut the front door it was great. I may have to get back there and purchase a bottle or two. Hey I would love to support a local farm..and my need for lilikoi.
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Have a good weekend! I start fall semester again on Monday. It is my last fall semester. Yikes!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Valentino Couture Fall 2013

As I look through Valentino's collections, I just always fall in love with the sophisticated nature of the garments.  The Fall 2013 Couture collection I absolutely love.  It has this Renaissance meets English Sherlock Holmes, but a pretty Sherlock Holmes.  When I saw the first photo below, I immediately thought of this painting from all my art history classes. I think what I love most about this collection is the innate blending of textures that flow into the other and make a cohesive look. I guess that's what they get paid the big bucks for right?  The velvet and embroidered silk, fur and light weight lace with sheer fabrics, and other combinations just made me want to try using more textures in my own looks. Textures give more depth to a look.  The overall muted tones of nudes, caramel golds, and some hints of burgundy really got me in the mood for fall.   Are there any collections that inspire you?


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