Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My own maroon velvet Skirt

I don't know why I look like I'm crying...
Shirt: H&M (similar) | Shoes: Modcloth | Belt: Forever 21 (similar)

I don't think I ever shared this here but I made a velvet skater skirt from thrifted velvet and it has become a skirt I wear almost once a week! A lough now it has gotten to be about two inches too large, it's nothing a belt doesn't fix! Here are some pics from its construction days..
The back is my absolute favorite part! I made some buttons to go down the back (or side, wherever). I just love fabric covered buttons like this. Other than having to redo the waist it's been a fantastic addition to my closet for only the cost of a zipper and buttons! Can't get any better than that. But it was quite a bit of work. It was my first time working with velvet and making a circle skirt.  Hemming it was also quite the adventure becuase of the slickness of the velvet. But I am proud of it and love wearing it. It has enough weight to keep it from flying up in the Hawaii wind too often so that is a great plus.

 If you have any great projects you have done I'd love to check them out. Have you ever made anything with velvet? Styled a velvet skirt? Link it below. Thanks folks. Have a great day!

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