Thursday, July 11, 2013

Barbie and Studs

This Barbie top is a recent acquiring from Delia's, and the studded cap a new addition from Romwe.  I broke another of my own rules. I absolutely hate flat brims. But I like this one! I don't understand it either. I have always hated guys wearing flat brim hats, especially on the baseball teams, professional and not. And I always remember my brothers breaking in their rims and curving them. It's the way a baseball cap should be! So what the heck am I doing?? I have no idea..

Top: Delia's | Sweater: Thrifted (similar) | Skirt: Old Navy (similar) | Belt: Forever 21 (similar) | Cap: Romwe 
The first time I ordered from Delia's it was actually pretty fast shipping (especially for Hawaii) and shipping cost was not that bad either. The only thing that seemed to take a long time was processing my order. It took almost a full week both times, however the shipping is much quicker. I have been lucky in that everything I ordered fit the way I wanted (lion king leggings! Yes!) and so did not have to deal with returning anything. Until 7.14.13 Delia's is having a 20% off everything and free shipping on orders over $50 deal with the code SUNNY.

Another order I placed was with Romwe. They also took a few days to process my order and quite a few weeks to receive it. But that is often the case when they ship from another country, this one being China. The hat is pretty sturdy and good quality. I also ordered a pair of King Tut print leggings! I'm so excited for those. They are fantastic quality, nice and smooth and soft too, but they got snagged the first day I tried them out. It's kind of a bummer but they are still totally wearable. I will probably be the only one to notice there is a snag. But I was over all pleased with both stores and their processes. I'm pretty used to having to wait for mail being out here so I am a lot more selective in what I order. It's a good thing! Hope everyone is having a good week! It's almost the weekend.

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