Saturday, July 27, 2013


When my last name changed to Lamb, I was told to expect to get gifts and so on with Lambs plastered all over them. Well it doesn't help that I buy them too. When I found the brand Iron Fist and their spring line I fell in love with their Lamb printed pieces and just had to get a lamb printed item! I seem to have always had a name where I could wear something that I could associate with. King and now Lamb. I wonder if other people love "wearing" their last name as much as I do? It just gives me more of a personal connection to what I wear.
Sweatshirt - Modcloth (Iron Fist)
Pants - Forever 21 (similar)
Cap -
Sneakers - (similar)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My own maroon velvet Skirt

I don't know why I look like I'm crying...
Shirt: H&M (similar) | Shoes: Modcloth | Belt: Forever 21 (similar)

I don't think I ever shared this here but I made a velvet skater skirt from thrifted velvet and it has become a skirt I wear almost once a week! A lough now it has gotten to be about two inches too large, it's nothing a belt doesn't fix! Here are some pics from its construction days..
The back is my absolute favorite part! I made some buttons to go down the back (or side, wherever). I just love fabric covered buttons like this. Other than having to redo the waist it's been a fantastic addition to my closet for only the cost of a zipper and buttons! Can't get any better than that. But it was quite a bit of work. It was my first time working with velvet and making a circle skirt.  Hemming it was also quite the adventure becuase of the slickness of the velvet. But I am proud of it and love wearing it. It has enough weight to keep it from flying up in the Hawaii wind too often so that is a great plus.

 If you have any great projects you have done I'd love to check them out. Have you ever made anything with velvet? Styled a velvet skirt? Link it below. Thanks folks. Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sunday Best | Lilac Dress

How I Wore It
Dress: Modcloth (similar 1, 2, 3) | Heels: Modcloth (similar 1, 2, 3) | Sweater: Modcloth | Belt: Forever 21 (similar) | Earrings: Forever 21(similar 1, 2, 3)

I absolutely adore this dress even though I almost swear at it's sticky zipper every time. It was such a cool, beautiful day Sunday it seemed like the perfect day to wear this lightweight lilac dress. It was a steal from Modcloth's sale section a few months back now. I have begun to acquire quite a few lilac/lavender hued clothing items in my closet. From all my recent purgings, the purple hues have stayed. It may be a new favorite! I had to teach a lesson in church on Sunday and was nervous, but dressing up in a favorite dress helped me feel a bit more confident (Dress for Success anyone?).
Oh and I was particularly proud of my hair that day because I woke up and it was like this! Crazy right? So I pinned it back and let my curls go! Hope everyone is having a good day and just letting your hair down!

Has it really been seven years since I first heard this song?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First Day of School Outfit: Camo and Ruffles

See that bike on the left side? That's my cruiser! <3

First Day of School
Pants: Forever 21 (similar) | Top: Modcloth/Miss Patina | Shoes: Goodwill (similar) | Belt: Goodwill (similar) | Bow: Forever 21

Well it's back to school guys and luckily my schedule is lighter for the second half of summer term. OH MY GOSH THANK GOODNESS I have started to fall in love with these camo high waisted pants. It sounds like a terrible mix but I'm so glad I took a chance on them and stepped out of my comfort zone! Did you ever think of combining loafers and camo..and ruffles? I wouldn't have either until I saw my lace and brown leather belt and the colors started coming together. The little bow is actually a hair clip. It just needed a little something more. I actually would have loved some more lace texture somewhere on top but I was proud of this outfit! And as you can see, my crown braids are getting better and my hair longer!
I have a hula class this morning (I know life is so hard) and I couldn't be more excited! I took a folk dance of the pacific class which was super fun learning different islands dances and games. Hula is supposed to be a bit more intense of a class but I can't wait! Wish me luck! Class was canceled because she couldn't be there today WHY!?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Dreaming of Camping

  Click on each picture for sources

 My summer is almost over guys as school starts up again on Monday. I am dying to go camping! I am so used to going to some sort of camp or on a camping trip at least once a year and I haven't for the past two years and it's killing me. Maybe we will plan a quick little camping trip around our local area. Here's to the weekend! Go grab a tent, a mug of hot chocolate, Smore's supplies and make a fire. Go camping for me!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Barbie and Studs

This Barbie top is a recent acquiring from Delia's, and the studded cap a new addition from Romwe.  I broke another of my own rules. I absolutely hate flat brims. But I like this one! I don't understand it either. I have always hated guys wearing flat brim hats, especially on the baseball teams, professional and not. And I always remember my brothers breaking in their rims and curving them. It's the way a baseball cap should be! So what the heck am I doing?? I have no idea..

Top: Delia's | Sweater: Thrifted (similar) | Skirt: Old Navy (similar) | Belt: Forever 21 (similar) | Cap: Romwe 
The first time I ordered from Delia's it was actually pretty fast shipping (especially for Hawaii) and shipping cost was not that bad either. The only thing that seemed to take a long time was processing my order. It took almost a full week both times, however the shipping is much quicker. I have been lucky in that everything I ordered fit the way I wanted (lion king leggings! Yes!) and so did not have to deal with returning anything. Until 7.14.13 Delia's is having a 20% off everything and free shipping on orders over $50 deal with the code SUNNY.

Another order I placed was with Romwe. They also took a few days to process my order and quite a few weeks to receive it. But that is often the case when they ship from another country, this one being China. The hat is pretty sturdy and good quality. I also ordered a pair of King Tut print leggings! I'm so excited for those. They are fantastic quality, nice and smooth and soft too, but they got snagged the first day I tried them out. It's kind of a bummer but they are still totally wearable. I will probably be the only one to notice there is a snag. But I was over all pleased with both stores and their processes. I'm pretty used to having to wait for mail being out here so I am a lot more selective in what I order. It's a good thing! Hope everyone is having a good week! It's almost the weekend.

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Change in Style | What is style?

June has been one crazy month! And a fast one too. I took a break from spending lots of time on social media places except for maybe Instagram, and have been focusing on my health and my body. I have started Beachbody's Insanity program multiple times and stopped around the third week. But i wanted this time to be different. I want to make it through the 2 months. So I have been really working on doing that program and am happy to say I only have about two more weeks left to complete it! Now I haven't bulked up nor have I become a skinny minny. But I have been able to tone my legs and my stomach area. I also started Hip Hop Abs (kind of dorky but fun) and that has helped me to slim my waist a bit. But I am still on quite a journey to accomplish my fitness goals. However with this new found confidence in my body and strength, I have been able to get out of my clothing rut.

I have wanted to post about this for a while but never really knew what to say. The truth is, I got bored with my style. And it made me think about what my "style" is and what it actually means to have a certain "style." Too deep? Yeah I think so too ha! But in all honesty, why do I follow specific bloggers? Because I like their style and their confidence in their style no matter what. I have always liked Tom boyish, more edgy looks but lacked the confidence to pull it off. Interestingly enough, it's not the specific style of clothing you wear or the type of clothing that personifies a specific genre or style, it's the confidence you have wearing the clothing that makes all the difference. I love dresses and always will. But I have been hiding under them, being sad about not having a certain body and so on. But important people in my life helped me to just get to a point where enough is enough and I won't hide anymore or feel ashamed of my body.

Iconic styles are usually directly related to an iconic person. It's not just the clothing that that person made popular, but it's his/her attitude and character in the clothing that make the "style." So style isn't just about the clothes. The clothes tend to suggest and depict certain connotations and associations. I've never wanted to be defined by my clothing but by my personality and what I actually do. Style is not just appearance but is a person's confidence and personality. I always liked to think of what I wear as showing a different part of my personality and what part of me i am most confident in today. Lace dresses, graphic tees, bows, heels, and so on all have their own meaning and each gives off a whole different vibe to me. Every day it's like showing my mood through what I wear. It's it's own mood ring!

A little drawing I did a while back of a really different outfit I wore
Some people always wonder why I care so much about fashion, design and clothing. To me, what I wear really expresses me and is my way of just expressing my feelings and what I feel confident in. I'm a quiet person (unless you really know me!) and so this is how I communicate. And well my style has been evolving and changing lately, most of it having to do with fitness and an ever increasing amount of body confidence. So I have been getting away from uber girly looks, although I know I will have outfits that are beyond girly, but I feel myself going in a different direction, branching out and feeling confidence in trying new cuts, silhouettes, colors and so on and not being afraid to create a cohesive, appealing outfit. And not being afraid to create something i will look back on and think its completely horrendous! its a journey. So we will see where this style and body transformation takes me. Throughout this post are some outfit pictures of new styles and clothes I have been trying out. I hope you will all follow in my journey as well!
Pants: Forever21
Fitting into size 4 jeans! What?!
Broke my own rule that leggings aren't pants! Can you tell I feel awkward?
Lion King leggings: Delia's | Shoes: 6pm

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend and had a fantastic 4th of July celebrating our country's independence and remembering those who have gone on and continue to fight for our liberties.