Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why is everything on sale?

ey guys! So sorry I haven't updated. I have two more finals then I am done with the semester. I get a week break off and then start summer terms up again, but that gives me some time to plan out posts and hopefully enjoy the beach.  Just for a quicky post, there have been quite a few emails sent to me with some sales going on!  My affiliate Tulle is having an extra 40% sale. These are my favorites...
Floral Dress: $39.99 | Pink Dress: $36.50 |  Scallop Blouse: $37.99  | Black floral Blouse: $39.99 | Scallop Tiered Skirt: $44.99

Just use code: SALE40 for the extra 40% off!
ASOS is also having a sale and boy do I wish I could order some cuties from them! My favorites:

Skater Skirt: $19.95 |  Scallop Blouse: $17.46 |  Pinafore Dress: $29.93

And of course there are some adorables for sale at Modcloth which are beyond tempting, but I have resisted. However, I won a $50 gift certificate to Modcloth and used a $10 gift code from to get one of these dresses for $free.99. It's on it's way here and I am beyond excited!  Can you guess which one? :

Lavender Dress: $62.99  | Floral Dress:  $36.99 | Fox Print Dress: $46.99

Well that's it for now folks. Hope you are having a great Thursday! I have finished quite a few sewing projects and one in particular that I have been wearing almost 2 times a week since I have finished it, so I will share soon. Thanks for the love!

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