Friday, January 4, 2013

First New Year Outfit & a Simplicity Dress


Happy New Year! We did pretty much nothing for New Years except head outside and watch all of the illegal fireworks set off in town. And there were a TON of lanterns that were floating in the sky, just like in Tangled. It was so gorgeous! I tried to get pictures of the lanterns lit up in the pitch black sky so you may see those soon! And well yes I have a ton of new years resolutions but I am still planning them out so I actually DO them this year.
This is a dress I made this past year with the Cynthia Rowley Simplicity pattern.  I absolutely love the simplicity (ha get it? ok sorry that was bad) of the pattern and how great it looks and feels once finished.   It really is a basic dress silhouette that you can add or tweek things to make it seem completely different.  It's a great pattern if you are a newbie to patterns. The fabric is a great orange polyester and is super lightweight and flows so nicely in the wind.  I could not tell which way was up on the fabric no matter what way you put it, there were little lions or shoes that were upside down. What the heck?! So since I couldn't decide I sewed the skirt one way and the top the other way just for kicks.  I added the button-up piece from a top I got for 2 bucks and sewed that on for looks.  Let me know what you think in the comments! I used this pattern for a few other dresses that I made this year as well which I will post up soon. 

-Boots-Cardigan-Collar vintage (similar)-Earrings lulus old (similar)-Dress made by me- 

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