Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To Further Continue


      Well I didn't really get a chance to post last week but to update briefly; finals are over, almost every student is off campus and we have a mini lit Christmas tree in our apartment.  That about sums it up here.  But I could not make another post on this blog as if nothing had happened in our world.  The tragedy in Connecticut where children and adults alike were killed. It is hard not to dwell on it all day but, if I do, I get depressed and can only think of the terrible things of this world and only become afraid.  Afraid to go out in public. Afraid to have a child because it seems no life is sacred anymore. Afraid to feel safe anywhere. Afraid.  But we can not let people like the man who killed those innocent students and staff in Connecticut have that kind of power over us.  We have our agency and can choose to live in fear, or choose to believe in this world and these people.  The graduation ceremony for many of my friends was I think exactly what I needed to hear.  David A. Bednar quoted Stonewall Jackson in saying, "Never take counsel of your fears."  Or in other words, never take counsel from your fears.  Your fears will hold you back, your fears don't want you to succeed, our fears often void us of any happiness.

        Along with the tragedy, there have been many amazing acts of charity and love to help comfort the families.  Numerous sports players have dedicated their recent games in memory to the children who looked up to them as heroes, universities and towns across the nation have held candle light vigils, and a letter from the Pope was received as well.  I am proud to see so many people all across this country and world come together.  If only we could band together like this with out a tragedy to occur first, I wonder if there would even be tragedies like this.  I feel so much sorrow for those families of the deceased and for the way that their loved ones lives were taken.  There were so many heroes in this event that should be rejoiced.  The teachers who hid their children to stay safe, the custodian who went around warning classrooms of a shooter, the students who grew up in that moment to help their fellow classmates and countless others that we may never know of.  It is when we see the worst of human behavior that we can also see the greatest.  When we see the beauties of the human nature and love for life.  I hope we can all keep these families in our prayers.  Thank you for sticking with me and reading this.  I hope we can continue to show this love for each other, especially as we are getting closer to Christmas.  Love you all and let's remember to comfort those that are in mourning in any way possible and show love and understanding to everyone.

        P.S. I will be getting back to regular posts within the next few days, however I could not in good conscience avoid this tragedy, as much as I had wished it had not happened.

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