Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mele Kalikimaka

Since we believe in making Christmas last as much as possible, I am posting this after Christmas.  This was our second Christmas in Hawaii.  Last year both my husband and I were here, but we were just engaged back then so it was a really different and hard Christmas.  We had to call each other and meet up at a good spot to open some presents and it was just very odd.  This year however, we got a little mini christmas tree, decorated it with lovely small ornaments sent from family, and the glow from the lights was just fantastic to have in our tiny apartment.

Our families were so kind and generous to us this year and helped us feel like we could actually have some presents! Look at all those goodies! This was the set up after I helped Santa set it all up and work on the stockings.  Did you know that I also tracked Santa and Hawaii was the LAST place he stopped to deliver presents?  It was killing us!  So after I helped Santa I flopped into bed, which is about 3 feet away from our tree, and I hear "I can't sleep."

In case you're wondering that is an upside down Squidward Elf ornament
  It was 1am and neither of us could sleep.  So a 1am Christmas breakfast was our next step along with only opening the things by our mini stockings.  Apparently both our families think we need to shower more because we got lots of personal care items.  HA! Gotta love it.

We woke up around 9 or 10 am and then had another Christmas Breakfast and opened presents! My hubby  and in-laws surprised me with an iPad mini! Say wha? I was so shocked! I have been playing with it since! And of course a Vera Bradley case to match.  Kevin got a sweet Polynesian Chess Set and so I am now learning to play chess. It's hard, but it's a nice break from all the screens in our lives.
Oh and guess what else my in-laws got me...Only the best Christmas Cartoon .. EVER.. and thanks to Youtube, you can pretty much watch the whole thing online but I got it on DVD!

The Nutcracker Prince. Don't know it? Well watch it!

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas holiday! 

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