Friday, December 28, 2012

Inspired Outfit: Meet Addy

     For the next doll to introduce I decided on Addy.  I started getting ahead of myself and making outfits for her other stories and her Meet Outfit was proving harder than I thought.  In her "Meet" book, Addy is working on a plantation and overhears her parents planning an escape.  That escape is foiled when her father and her brother are sold.  Addy and her mother leave the baby behind with the grandparents so that they can escape.  Addy is worried about her father and brother wondering if they will ever see them again, but her mother assures her that they knew the plan and everyone was to stick to it.  
It is such an interesting and pretty historically accurate tale, as most AG stories are, not ENTIRELY, but pretty dang close!  
     With Addy's outfit, I wanted to keep the stripes but I just couldn't find anything I loved with stripes and  I also wanted to keep her shell necklace involved in the outfit. The first set is the first one I made that is closer related to the actual doll's outfit.  The second was another I came up with after looking through tons of pink dresses, loosely inspired by her "Meet Outfit."

Thanks for looking! Hope this inspires some outfits! Feel free to leave me comments, suggestions or questions!

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