Friday, December 21, 2012

Etsy Artists

So here we are with another week of Etsy Artists! I am going to start putting in not just print artists but those who create the other fantastic pieces we find on Etsy that make us wish we had thought of it first!

Day of the Dead Merida Brooch

Raw Wood Girl in a Bow

Black Perspex Silhouette Brooch

These brooches are so full of character! Miss. Whitelaw's Day of the Dead Disney Princesses are just so creative, colorful and fun! I love the Merida Brooch above, but also the Pocahontas Brooch.  I also loved the raw wood brooches. The texture is so great and the detail of the girls are fantastic!  And silhouettes.. I just love them!  I love the range of brooches and other items she has designed! So go check out her store by clicking her Store below or right here!

  Friendship and Bravery

 Springtime Girl

Hip Cat

These prints and illustrations by Nan Lawson are just so adorable! Once I saw this cat above and a Harry Potter print, I was sold.  She also has some great categories of illustrations like "quirky characters", "quirky things" and "pop culture."  I fell in love with her style and the way she draws the people and gives life to other inanimate objects. So go check out her store by clicking below or right here!

 Lemon Meringue Recipe

 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Lucile Prache owns this lovely Etsy store, "Lucile's Kitchen" where she has illustrated those yummy treats that we all love to bake (or with we could!).  I only wish recipe books were this pretty!  Her food art prints, along with making me hungry, make me daydream about all these recipes.  It's like making food more romantic. Is that possible?  I would love to put one of this prints up in our kitchen.  If you want to as well just click right here!

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