Saturday, December 1, 2012

Campus Corner: Amy

This is my fashionable friend Amy! She had such an easy going cute outfit on the other day I couldn't help but snag some pics of her! And she was very kind and a very good model. We found out we have some things in common. We both love asian fashion stores. Lucky for her she is going to Japan soon so she can get all those girly goodies over there!  This is definitely an easy, comfortable and cute outfit for running around campus. This is especially a good outfit for when finals start coming around. It will get crazy and this is a great outfit to look put together and cute in.

Speaking of finals, well they are coming up too quickly. Next week is our last full week of classes and then the week after is finals time. So if I manage to get a post off this next week we will be lucky. Hope your first day of december is great!

Get her Look:
Campus Corner: Amy

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