Friday, December 28, 2012

Inspired Outfit: Meet Addy

     For the next doll to introduce I decided on Addy.  I started getting ahead of myself and making outfits for her other stories and her Meet Outfit was proving harder than I thought.  In her "Meet" book, Addy is working on a plantation and overhears her parents planning an escape.  That escape is foiled when her father and her brother are sold.  Addy and her mother leave the baby behind with the grandparents so that they can escape.  Addy is worried about her father and brother wondering if they will ever see them again, but her mother assures her that they knew the plan and everyone was to stick to it.  
It is such an interesting and pretty historically accurate tale, as most AG stories are, not ENTIRELY, but pretty dang close!  
     With Addy's outfit, I wanted to keep the stripes but I just couldn't find anything I loved with stripes and  I also wanted to keep her shell necklace involved in the outfit. The first set is the first one I made that is closer related to the actual doll's outfit.  The second was another I came up with after looking through tons of pink dresses, loosely inspired by her "Meet Outfit."

Thanks for looking! Hope this inspires some outfits! Feel free to leave me comments, suggestions or questions!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mele Kalikimaka

Since we believe in making Christmas last as much as possible, I am posting this after Christmas.  This was our second Christmas in Hawaii.  Last year both my husband and I were here, but we were just engaged back then so it was a really different and hard Christmas.  We had to call each other and meet up at a good spot to open some presents and it was just very odd.  This year however, we got a little mini christmas tree, decorated it with lovely small ornaments sent from family, and the glow from the lights was just fantastic to have in our tiny apartment.

Our families were so kind and generous to us this year and helped us feel like we could actually have some presents! Look at all those goodies! This was the set up after I helped Santa set it all up and work on the stockings.  Did you know that I also tracked Santa and Hawaii was the LAST place he stopped to deliver presents?  It was killing us!  So after I helped Santa I flopped into bed, which is about 3 feet away from our tree, and I hear "I can't sleep."

In case you're wondering that is an upside down Squidward Elf ornament
  It was 1am and neither of us could sleep.  So a 1am Christmas breakfast was our next step along with only opening the things by our mini stockings.  Apparently both our families think we need to shower more because we got lots of personal care items.  HA! Gotta love it.

We woke up around 9 or 10 am and then had another Christmas Breakfast and opened presents! My hubby  and in-laws surprised me with an iPad mini! Say wha? I was so shocked! I have been playing with it since! And of course a Vera Bradley case to match.  Kevin got a sweet Polynesian Chess Set and so I am now learning to play chess. It's hard, but it's a nice break from all the screens in our lives.
Oh and guess what else my in-laws got me...Only the best Christmas Cartoon .. EVER.. and thanks to Youtube, you can pretty much watch the whole thing online but I got it on DVD!

The Nutcracker Prince. Don't know it? Well watch it!

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas holiday! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pink Moodboard & An Outfit

I have been loving pastel palettes lately, especially soft pinks and whites.  
This was my Christmas Eve eve outfit for Sunday.  It was cool enough here in Hawaii for a sweater and so I paired this chunky cropped sweater with a soft, light pink vintage dress.  Can you tell my hair is getting super long? It is driving me crazy! Any ideas on what to do with these curls?  I hope everyone had a great holiday! We will be posting up pics tomorrow.

Dress-Vintage (similar), Sweater- Give & Take (similar), Heels- (similar), Vera Bradley Bow- Classy Elle Bows

Friday, December 21, 2012

Etsy Artists

So here we are with another week of Etsy Artists! I am going to start putting in not just print artists but those who create the other fantastic pieces we find on Etsy that make us wish we had thought of it first!

Day of the Dead Merida Brooch

Raw Wood Girl in a Bow

Black Perspex Silhouette Brooch

These brooches are so full of character! Miss. Whitelaw's Day of the Dead Disney Princesses are just so creative, colorful and fun! I love the Merida Brooch above, but also the Pocahontas Brooch.  I also loved the raw wood brooches. The texture is so great and the detail of the girls are fantastic!  And silhouettes.. I just love them!  I love the range of brooches and other items she has designed! So go check out her store by clicking her Store below or right here!

  Friendship and Bravery

 Springtime Girl

Hip Cat

These prints and illustrations by Nan Lawson are just so adorable! Once I saw this cat above and a Harry Potter print, I was sold.  She also has some great categories of illustrations like "quirky characters", "quirky things" and "pop culture."  I fell in love with her style and the way she draws the people and gives life to other inanimate objects. So go check out her store by clicking below or right here!

 Lemon Meringue Recipe

 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Lucile Prache owns this lovely Etsy store, "Lucile's Kitchen" where she has illustrated those yummy treats that we all love to bake (or with we could!).  I only wish recipe books were this pretty!  Her food art prints, along with making me hungry, make me daydream about all these recipes.  It's like making food more romantic. Is that possible?  I would love to put one of this prints up in our kitchen.  If you want to as well just click right here!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To Further Continue


      Well I didn't really get a chance to post last week but to update briefly; finals are over, almost every student is off campus and we have a mini lit Christmas tree in our apartment.  That about sums it up here.  But I could not make another post on this blog as if nothing had happened in our world.  The tragedy in Connecticut where children and adults alike were killed. It is hard not to dwell on it all day but, if I do, I get depressed and can only think of the terrible things of this world and only become afraid.  Afraid to go out in public. Afraid to have a child because it seems no life is sacred anymore. Afraid to feel safe anywhere. Afraid.  But we can not let people like the man who killed those innocent students and staff in Connecticut have that kind of power over us.  We have our agency and can choose to live in fear, or choose to believe in this world and these people.  The graduation ceremony for many of my friends was I think exactly what I needed to hear.  David A. Bednar quoted Stonewall Jackson in saying, "Never take counsel of your fears."  Or in other words, never take counsel from your fears.  Your fears will hold you back, your fears don't want you to succeed, our fears often void us of any happiness.

        Along with the tragedy, there have been many amazing acts of charity and love to help comfort the families.  Numerous sports players have dedicated their recent games in memory to the children who looked up to them as heroes, universities and towns across the nation have held candle light vigils, and a letter from the Pope was received as well.  I am proud to see so many people all across this country and world come together.  If only we could band together like this with out a tragedy to occur first, I wonder if there would even be tragedies like this.  I feel so much sorrow for those families of the deceased and for the way that their loved ones lives were taken.  There were so many heroes in this event that should be rejoiced.  The teachers who hid their children to stay safe, the custodian who went around warning classrooms of a shooter, the students who grew up in that moment to help their fellow classmates and countless others that we may never know of.  It is when we see the worst of human behavior that we can also see the greatest.  When we see the beauties of the human nature and love for life.  I hope we can all keep these families in our prayers.  Thank you for sticking with me and reading this.  I hope we can continue to show this love for each other, especially as we are getting closer to Christmas.  Love you all and let's remember to comfort those that are in mourning in any way possible and show love and understanding to everyone.

        P.S. I will be getting back to regular posts within the next few days, however I could not in good conscience avoid this tragedy, as much as I had wished it had not happened.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

6 Months With My Best Friend

Today marks six months that we have been married. I can't believe it's already been six months! Time seems to have flown by and we have just been riding it out.  Since I never shared photos of our wedding I thought now would be appropriate.  Hope all is well and wish me luck with finals next week and all my papers to write! Have a good weekend and get ready for a massive amount of pictures starting with some engagements too!