Sunday, November 25, 2012

Inspired Outfit: American Girl Doll Series

I hope some of you remember the Pleasant Company American Girl Dolls. Yes? Ok good! But if you don't, these dolls were dolls based on parts of America's History. They each had their own stories, outfits, friends..boy my sister and I have so many memories playing with these dolls and reading about their stories.  The history of each era was something that drew us all in. It really connected me with women and girls from all these different times on history. 

I absolutely love American Girl Dolls and the lessons they would learn in their stories such as kindness, charity, sticking up for you rown morals and being independent also. If you have a daughter that loves dolls and reading, history and even fashion, you have to check out the American Girl Dolls. Some have been retired quite recently and although the company has changed hands over to Mattel (sad day), they have come out with a new historical doll to take Felicity's place and also Samantha's.  Anywho, I hope you will enjoy this Inspired Outfit Series! 

This first is Felicity's first "Meet Outfit."  It was changed a few years ago to her travel gown that you used to be able to buy separately but now it is the gown she comes in. It is the purple one shown farther down.  

Meet Felicity I
Dress(here or here)- Shoes- Socks(here or here)- Top- Necklace-Jacket- Satchel Bag Headband-

Felicity's first outfit is a cream background with a tapestry like floral and stripe print and ruffled sleeves and neckline.  I tried to emulate the cream and yellow colors with the dress below and a cute floral print. I added a shirt underneath with a lace collar.  The maroon or "oxblood" color is actually quite popular this season (dolls setting trends?) and the flowers on her dress have such great fall colors I added a beautiful structured jacket with gold zipper to help the colors of the yellow pop. I found the bag and thought it was a perfect compliment!  
If you dont know the Meet Felicity story, in the book she connects with a horse named Penny and helps  the horse break free from it's cruel owner.  Because of this I just had to add a gold horse necklace.  Underneath her dress, Felicity wears cream, knee high socks. I know because i have her and this outfit! I love it! So I added some thigh high socks from Forever 21. 
Here are some fabulous dresses from Etsy that give show some florals and stripes as well..

This is Felicity's second "Meet Outfit."  It is purple with small flowers and again a sripes and floral motif is occurring.  My sister had this dress for her doll. It was super cute! Then we got nail polish on it. Anywho, her second meet outfit is basically the same except for the fact that it's purple. Now I really couldn't find any dresses that I felt matched the feel, or shape of her meet outfit so I did my best and felt the color of the dress below matched well with her dress.  I still kept some black flats, added a choker, a horse embellished clutch and instead of cream socks added some black lace tights to freshen it up. Add a cute lace cardigan that matches the lace trimmed dress and there you go! A cute outfit inspired by your favorite historical doll Felicity.

Meet Felicity II
Dress  -Tights- Shoes- Necklace- Cardigan- Clutch-
Here are some great dresses I found that were similar to her dress and more like the traditional silhouette and some great purple floral printed dresses I thought were pretty!  I absolutely love the first one!


Thanks for your time! I hope you enjoyed this inspiration and I hope it opens you up to what can inspire you!  It's all about finding pieces and aspects of things that get your creative juices flowing and who knows what will come from it! Have fun and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was quiet and mellow but great!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Modcloth's Tis' The Season Sale!

Modcloth's tis the season sale starts TODAY! and goes until Saturday the 25th. There are 50% off tons of items and goodies! I absolutely love these sales as I get so many good pieces for such great prices!! Their last sale I got a dress that retailed at $109 for $30!  Trust me their sales rock!

If you have never checked out Modcloth follow this link and when you sign up you'll get $15 off your first purchase of $50 or more!

So what are you waiting for?! Get over there before it's all gone!
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Some new pieces at 50% off

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Campus Corner: Aubrey

I finally got to a computer this weekend and have been working on blog posts all day! So here is this weeks campus corner lovely.  This is Aubrey who is an amazing singer and has such a great laid back style. She kind of embodies the relaxed feel of Hawaii but still so cool!

 Get her look:
Aubrey's Look

Monday, November 12, 2012

Have you entered this Contest?

Well from the title you can probably guess that there is a contest..and I've entered it..AND you can too!   Since I am an affiliate with Ruche I thought I'd share this great opportunity! It's Ruche's $500 Wish list Giveaway! All you have to do is make a wish list and share it with Ruche. It lasts until November 28, so you still have loads of time. 

Click here for all the details.
Here are some lovelies that I have put on my wish list 

Oh and did you know instagram accounts now have website addresses as well? Here is mine, so come follow!  Oh and I am working on lots of posts but my trial versions of my editing programs ended so I have been trying to fit in trips to the library to get it all done! More posts to come! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Black & White Apartment

So do any of you recognize these pictures? Yep that's right. They are from the amazingly awesome show 'Once Upon a Time.' I LOVE that show and I have gotten so much inspiration from the Mayor (aka the evil Queen's) office. So much that I decided that it'd be the inspiration for our studio apartment living room/bed room! I have tons of ideas so I had to start making lists and made some polyvore sets to get the idea set in my head.  But anywho here are my ideas so far and when I get some time to actually work on the apartment I will show some of my diy projects! 
our home 2

Our home

Monday, November 5, 2012

Etsy Artists

Check out more cuteness at The Black Apple

 Check out Popca-Popca Artwork out on Etsy

Check out more art my Vikki Chu

I absolutely love all of these prints! And I think this is my favorite feature on my blog! I am having so much fun and enjoying every minute of looking up artists on etsy. It's amazing how many great, creative people there are in this world!