Saturday, October 27, 2012

Etsy Artists 1

Here are some artists that I am just in love with and want some of their prints!

My favorite game ever! In print and dress form! Eeek!

Check out The Gorgonist on Etsy

Check out more amazing pieces by Amber Alexander

Check out more of Emma Leonard's pieces at Bellafonte

I WILL be getting that Katamari Girls print and it is my inspiration for decorating my closet! So I went to the Sherwin Williams website and used their color picker. These are the colors they gave me to use. Yes it's paint but I've got so much more in mind for my little closet!
My closet is going to be overly colorful thanks to this print!
Are there any pictures or photos that have inspired your decorations?
Who are your favorite artists on Etsy? 

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