Sunday, September 2, 2012

Inspired outfit

Well I have an inspired outfit after a long break! We have just moved into our new place and getting it settled and organized is quite the job! But I love organizing it! Soon I'll be doing some diy projects and will post em here (if they turn out well!). 
This inspired outfit is from Steffy's Pros and Cons, this post here. I just loved her outfit and this is how I would interpret it for myself. 

Inspired Outfit

This is just a set I had some fun with! I got those jeans the other day and boy are they COMFORTABLE! They breathe which is fantastic in Hawaii and I just love the print.
Have a good Labor Day Weekend! We will be cleaning and organizing all weekend. How about you guys?

Floral & Lace


  1. very cute outfits *-* your blog is very good and interesting. follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


    1. Thank you! I love your blog too! Your style is great and I will definitely start following! :)


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