Friday, September 21, 2012

First Day

Ok so I am SUPER behind in blog posts but have snuck in some time to get pictures from my ipod to a post! I am currently taking a photography class and so will be taking MUCH better pictures soon. I just found out many things about my camera..It's like learning something new about a friend you have had for a long's hard to get used to! So for now we have my classy pictures of my first day of school outfit above. Bathroom..lovely.. I think the toilet paper shreds on the floor add a great effect.  
My art professor asked me if it was legal to wear my Vera Bradley bag with those pants..I dropped his class that afternoon. 
Just kidding! Well I DID drop his class but that was only because I am going to take another class to prep me for that class.

This. dress. I. LOVE!!! I got it during Modcloth's Last Hurrah Summer Sale. It's by Knitted Dove and I absolutely adore it! Can I tell you the deal? OK OK I will! It was originally $109... I got it for $32! I had been eye-ing it forever and so saw it on sale and it was all MINE! Of course i got pen on it the same day and was super sad but I got it out! Crisis averted my friends!

Another sale purchase was this Miss Patina top. Um obsessed with all their clothes now! 

Last but not least two dresses I am working on. I have a third cut out as well and half sewn but didn't get a chance to get that picture in. 
Thanks for coming back! And I hope to be getting some good outfit posts up here. We have a fun-filled weekend and a homework packed one as well. So be back soon!

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