Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pearl Harbor

We visited Pearl Harbor this summer and wow. All I can say is that there is so much you do not know about that place, that time in history and about that morning until you go there.  Just imagining it as it was, with all those ships in the harbor and in flames, you can't help but feel an overwhelming love for the men that sacrificed so much that day and see how much more together and patriotic this country was after the Pearl Harbor attack. So if you EVER are in Hawaii, you best not leave unless you pay respects and visit the memorial. It's so beautiful and I think one of my favorite parts was on our boat ride back form the U.S.S Arizona Memorial, the marine that was driving the boat helped a little girl steer the way. It just made me feel proud of the men and women who VOLUNTEER to protect us and  not just the United States but other countries as well. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meadhom Kirchoff Spring 2013

I just loved Kirchoff's collection. It seems so fun and crazy and I know we could add some aspects like the print and the bows into everyday outfits. And check out those boots!

Friday, September 21, 2012

First Day

Ok so I am SUPER behind in blog posts but have snuck in some time to get pictures from my ipod to a post! I am currently taking a photography class and so will be taking MUCH better pictures soon. I just found out many things about my camera..It's like learning something new about a friend you have had for a long's hard to get used to! So for now we have my classy pictures of my first day of school outfit above. Bathroom..lovely.. I think the toilet paper shreds on the floor add a great effect.  
My art professor asked me if it was legal to wear my Vera Bradley bag with those pants..I dropped his class that afternoon. 
Just kidding! Well I DID drop his class but that was only because I am going to take another class to prep me for that class.

This. dress. I. LOVE!!! I got it during Modcloth's Last Hurrah Summer Sale. It's by Knitted Dove and I absolutely adore it! Can I tell you the deal? OK OK I will! It was originally $109... I got it for $32! I had been eye-ing it forever and so saw it on sale and it was all MINE! Of course i got pen on it the same day and was super sad but I got it out! Crisis averted my friends!

Another sale purchase was this Miss Patina top. Um obsessed with all their clothes now! 

Last but not least two dresses I am working on. I have a third cut out as well and half sewn but didn't get a chance to get that picture in. 
Thanks for coming back! And I hope to be getting some good outfit posts up here. We have a fun-filled weekend and a homework packed one as well. So be back soon!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

In the Family

Alright so this is my family!  I had some time to look around at their blogs and see what they have been up to and I chose some pictures I love of them.

1. My brother and their little one

2. My second brother and their little one!

 3. My sister and her hubster that got married a few months ago.
photos by BMW photography

4. My OTHER brother's kids who CRACK. ME. UP. I just love this picture of them!

5. My sister and her family who are always doing something cool and creative.
And this is her son who has some great style..of course that could be his mom picking out the clothes, but I'm not sure about that one!

So hopefully my family doesn't mind sharing photos of them! But they are all so creative and fun and being so far away from all of them for a long time is rough. But we will all be able to meet up again soon! Enjoy your Thursday!


Well my laptop screen I broken an won't turn on so stuck with me as I fight for computer time with the hubby! Hope all is well!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Inspired outfit

Well I have an inspired outfit after a long break! We have just moved into our new place and getting it settled and organized is quite the job! But I love organizing it! Soon I'll be doing some diy projects and will post em here (if they turn out well!). 
This inspired outfit is from Steffy's Pros and Cons, this post here. I just loved her outfit and this is how I would interpret it for myself. 

Inspired Outfit

This is just a set I had some fun with! I got those jeans the other day and boy are they COMFORTABLE! They breathe which is fantastic in Hawaii and I just love the print.
Have a good Labor Day Weekend! We will be cleaning and organizing all weekend. How about you guys?

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