Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time Flies

Well I have missed two almost a whole three months on the blog here! Didn't mean for this extended vacation to occur but now I'm back! And I'm back a married woman! We had graduations and weddings and all kinds of crazy going on in New York that I took a  two month break from all electronics practically. Seriously, I had (and still do have) so many emails that I have not read, mainly because they are so old and far back I don't wanna take the time to delete and read them! 

But now we are back in Hawaii and staying on vacation for two months until school starts up again with the in-laws. We are having a blast just being able to enjoy Hawaii and the beach for once.

Isn't that sunset just beautiful? I was having a hard time leaving New York but right now, Hawaii is treating me so well. It's great to be back :)