Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Jewels

Well this weekend has been one of rest, relaxation and spiritual uplifting.  Now it comes to the nitty gritty of the semester.  Finals. So I decided to put together a Polyvore set of ways to stay comfortable and fabulous during the stressful days of finals when you don't want to wear anything other than sweatpants and baggy shirts..

H&M Spring Pinks

H&M Spring Pinks by camik 

Oh wait what is that? Oh that's pretty pink pieces from the H&M that isn't in Hawaii OR available to order online? Oh yeah..hmmmm....Well I might have started falling for pinks since last year and's carried over into this year and I'm NOT complaining.  But no worries I will have that comfy Polyvore set up tomorrow!  But for now please enjoy the sweet summer pinks, golds, and light "Let's go for tea in a princess castle" colors.
And in case you couldn't get enough pretty..

Ruche's new bridal line that came out last month! Ahhh so beautiful.

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