Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Dresses

So I decided to do some research about the tradition of donning a new dress and clothes for Easter and apparently it goes back super far.  I found a pretty detailed description on this blog here, but the main gist I got was that this new clothes would be good luck and symbolize a renewal and new hope or optimism. Goes pretty well with the rising of Christ and reason for celebrating Easter. Just thought I would put that out there! I remember wearing cute frilly dresses and hats. What did you wear?? Anyone get any new dress for Easter?  I put together some dresses I would get as my Easter dress! My ideas:

Just very light and springy. Sorry for no inspired outfit! I'm still working on it! It's not as put together as I would like. Oh the joys of being so picky. Enjoy your Easter Sunday everyone!

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