Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dear Friends and New Dreams

So I recently discovered that one of my favorite girls has a fashion blog. Not JUST a fashion blog but an AMAZING high fashion kick butt blog! I had the fantastic opportunity of being her camp counselor some odd years ago and she was the sweetest one there. She has accomplished everything and more of what I could have ever dreamed of! I'm so proud of her and love everything that she has accomplished! She is a great girl and will go VERY far! So check out her blog. She is amazing!
Anywho, she featured the designer Ulyana Sergeenko and boy did I fall in love with her!


The volume, the silhouettes, the prints and the styling...It's all AMAZING! I love the excentuated features and horuglass shape. Also, the classic silhouettes and modest dresses won me over as well.   Current designers don't seem to know how to make modest dresses that are to die for. Ulyana blew my mind. I would NEVER be embarrassed to wear her. It made me dream of wearing these to a gala party or ball in a European castle! My absolute favorites are the last two. I would wear those (or any of these honestly) in a heartbeat..So thank you my dear friend for sending me to this designer..I am now drooling and dreaming of these beautiful pieces of artwork!


  1. Oh yes, your friend post interesting things! Last year, Ulyana Sergeenko debuted with an amazing collection! I'm in love with her!

    Cri. (

  2. She's so pretty!! I love all the outfits shes wearing here - gorgeous silhouettes and the material picked out for each is perfect! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Cami! You're so nice! <3

    Much love, Sarah


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