Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rain and Refashions

Well the weekend has brought rain, rain and more rain! I luckily haven't fallen and broken anything (yet).  I have been entrenched on Facebook talking to fellow Modsquad girls and getting ideas from them. They are all AMAZING and so much fun.  But I am pulling myself away from the computer a tad to do SOME homework.  I put together what I wore yesterday on a Polyvore because well, once I got home I wanted to get comfy, read Harry Potter and drink Hot Chocolate.  So this was yesterdays outfit.

What I Wore

In talking to the Modsquad Members I asked them how they would style a certain black skirt that I have because I have been stuck on how to wear it more casual.  

Well I hope you enjoyed and I will be telling you about our exciting date on Saturday! Be ready for sarcasm btw.

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