Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lucks got Nothing to do with It

Well Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! It's crazy to think that for 10 or so years my mom and I were running around this time of year going to Irish Festivals on weekends and performing with my dance troop. Thinking back on it now I really really miss those festivals. The lovely music, happiness of everyone there (mostly because the audience was drinking but hey whatevs..), and the DANCING!! My best friendships were formed while being in that dance troop. I can't tell you how badly I miss doing jigs, reels and all those fun things!
 But as crazy and hectic as those days were, they are great memories and I can't wait to start finding Irish Festivals that AREN'T on Sundays and dragging Kevin along with me so he can experience my love of all things Irish!! And so today's Inspired Outfit is inspired by none other than the good ol' day itself, Saint Patrick's Day. Make sure you wear green or else them lil' leprechauns are going to pinch you!! Oh and make sure you watch this movie..
And Sean Connery is in it too! Watch it!

The Isle of Dreams
One day I will get to Ireland...

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  1. celia has expressed ALOT of interest in Irish dancing lately...might have to find a studio around here that teaches it! she loves watching Riverdance!


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