Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm a Wildflower

Man I don't know where to start guys! I have tons of started blog posts that just need pictures added but I have no batteries for the camera! So frustrating. And school has been rough this week for Kev and myself.  It seems odd that in two weeks we will be home! I'm excited but just want to apparate there! (Yes I just used a Harry Potter term.) I seem to be getting sucked into Harry Potter and my Mary Kay business this week as well! 
I restarted the Harry Potter series since I only read the first one when they first came out and then resorted to the movies after that. But I started about a month ago now and am on the fifth book and wow things are different but I like that I get different experiences watching the movie and reading the book! Now I will want to read the books again and again to experience what I couldn't in the movies! So excited to keep reading!  I am sincerely enjoying my Mary Kay business so far and lots of my family and friends have been supporting me and becoming my customers so SHOUT OUT TO YOU!

I was not sure what I wanted to do for an inspired outfit today and then I decided on this as my inspiration...
Susie Brown on Right
Susie Brown on Left

The JaneDear Girls are a country (ish) band and I really love their songs.  Susie Brown has a very vintage, pin up/hometown girl style without taking it over the top. And what else I love about them is that they play like a MILLION instruments each!
Inspired Outfit

Inspired Outfit by camik featuring h&m jeans

Follow the link to my polyvore to hear a snippit of their song Wildflower.

Our Friday is a nice 80 degree summer day! I was up early this morning for  a meeting with my advisor and boy did it feel like summer! So here is to TWO more weeks of school and then it's summer time baby!!

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