Saturday, March 3, 2012

Goodwill Monster

Goodwill junky coming through!! Yes I am Goodwill T-Rex. Stubby Arms!! Another reason why I hate pushups.  We went to Goodwill about a month ago and man was this baby HUGE! Can you tell from the top picture? Everything was pretty well organized except for the toy isle (there were many children screaming and playing). 
We went there to try and find a blanket for our engagement pictures. And look! There it is! Just below! Oh and they had some AWESOME fabrics that I of course didn't get.  
They also had some sewing patterns!
Kevin's finds were the Pikachu backpack above, and the wedding headband below.
Here is one of the few things I ended up getting. One button is missing a gold rim so I will have to find some new ones.
But man this Goodwill was awesome! Besides getting that blazer, we got a crockpot ($5), a cookie sheet ($6) and a pot (6$).  We should have come sooner! I totally forgot that they would have everything because of people leaving and moving off the island! DUH!! Seriously it was like a Walmart (without the food) and cheaper! I also spotted a Vera Bradley bag! But alas did not get it. Hope you guys have a good weekend! We are picking up our engagement pictures tonight before a free pizza and Basketball game date night! Nothing says love like a winning a pizza and using it for a date night.  Did anyone else win that Papa John's coin flip toss?

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