Friday, March 23, 2012


Wow this Friday could not have come fast enough! This week has been crazy nuts with finishing projects and trying to get things in order for the end of the semester and other fun things. Tonight is the Winter Ball and I am SO excited to go to a dinner/dance at the PCC. So tonight I get to get all dressed up for a legitimate reason!
 I made two sets for this post today and I couldn't decide which to post so I'll do BOTH! See? My decision making skills are fantastic.  They are quite different and no particular photo or outfit inspired them. The first is a bright and colorful one. I think I was loving this Hawaii weather being in the 75-80 range with lots of sunshine and cool breeze.  The second, well I had been working on a black and white drawing for 2 weeks (due today) and so I was really loving playing with dark blacks and the edginess they can show and bright whites. So enjoy and have a great weekend! I will be posting some pictures from winter ball next week!
Hawaiian Vacation

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