Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm a Wildflower

Man I don't know where to start guys! I have tons of started blog posts that just need pictures added but I have no batteries for the camera! So frustrating. And school has been rough this week for Kev and myself.  It seems odd that in two weeks we will be home! I'm excited but just want to apparate there! (Yes I just used a Harry Potter term.) I seem to be getting sucked into Harry Potter and my Mary Kay business this week as well! 
I restarted the Harry Potter series since I only read the first one when they first came out and then resorted to the movies after that. But I started about a month ago now and am on the fifth book and wow things are different but I like that I get different experiences watching the movie and reading the book! Now I will want to read the books again and again to experience what I couldn't in the movies! So excited to keep reading!  I am sincerely enjoying my Mary Kay business so far and lots of my family and friends have been supporting me and becoming my customers so SHOUT OUT TO YOU!

I was not sure what I wanted to do for an inspired outfit today and then I decided on this as my inspiration...
Susie Brown on Right
Susie Brown on Left

The JaneDear Girls are a country (ish) band and I really love their songs.  Susie Brown has a very vintage, pin up/hometown girl style without taking it over the top. And what else I love about them is that they play like a MILLION instruments each!
Inspired Outfit

Inspired Outfit by camik featuring h&m jeans

Follow the link to my polyvore to hear a snippit of their song Wildflower.

Our Friday is a nice 80 degree summer day! I was up early this morning for  a meeting with my advisor and boy did it feel like summer! So here is to TWO more weeks of school and then it's summer time baby!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Wow this Friday could not have come fast enough! This week has been crazy nuts with finishing projects and trying to get things in order for the end of the semester and other fun things. Tonight is the Winter Ball and I am SO excited to go to a dinner/dance at the PCC. So tonight I get to get all dressed up for a legitimate reason!
 I made two sets for this post today and I couldn't decide which to post so I'll do BOTH! See? My decision making skills are fantastic.  They are quite different and no particular photo or outfit inspired them. The first is a bright and colorful one. I think I was loving this Hawaii weather being in the 75-80 range with lots of sunshine and cool breeze.  The second, well I had been working on a black and white drawing for 2 weeks (due today) and so I was really loving playing with dark blacks and the edginess they can show and bright whites. So enjoy and have a great weekend! I will be posting some pictures from winter ball next week!
Hawaiian Vacation

Set the Mood

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthdays and Memories

Well yesterday was my birthday! I can't believe I'm 21 now and I'm sure the rest of my family can't either! I'm super excited that we don't have school today so that means we will do MUCH more celebrating tomorrow as we of course have classes today..BOO..

21 Things I'm Thankful For
1. Having my best friend as my fiance and future husband. Best thing ever.
2. HAWAII!!!
3. My family supporting us in getting married
4. Kevin's way of making me smile & life because he can't take anything serious for over 2 seconds. Just ask his dad that. It's proven.
5. My girl friends that I have made out here and have helped keep me sane.
6. My BEST FRIENDS back home that are helping me do wedding things and not get too anxious about plans I haven't even started.
7.  The fact that I have yet to be flooded out here in Hawaii.
8. My church and religion to help me stay focused in life and know what it is I really want to accomplish.
9.  Teachers/Proffesors who are worried about you when you don't come to class. (seriously they ask if you were sick and everything!)
10.  The members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who pay an honest tithe and help all these students from across the WORLD come to hawaii to get an education for cheap.
11. My friends who make me feel special.
12. Nike Training Club to kick my butt into shape every day.
13. My kitties whom I miss but always give me warm fuzzies thinking about them...and when I'm home when they jump on my lap.
14. The people I have learned and met through Mary Kay and the new journey awaiting to happen.
15. My housemates and roommate who surprised me with a cake and balloons for my birthday.
16. The opportunity I have to learn, hear and speak pacific and asian languages. And I get to hear cool accents all the time.  It all gives you a a new perspective.
17. Pianos. The right player and a tuned piano and sweet music to my ears.
18. The opportunity to get to know Modsquad members who love all things vintage, fashion, reading, etc.
19. That my siblings and I are talking more often.
20. That school is almost over in 3.5 weeks
21. That Kev and I are getting married in 84 days..

Just some pics of me reminiscing on my past few years that I have such fond memories of... 
Field Hockey, crazy hair and everything in between. So many good times.

Cheerleading with the best girls eva!

Camp counselor at Girls Camp
My bets friend and I at prom :)
My other best friend and date
Halloween at SVU.

Cheering at SVU.
Our annual trip to Yankee Candle.
BYUH and being engaged!

Wow looking back I have not have a quiet life! I always thought I did until I saw all these happy memories reminding me of so many other events and things I have experienced.  I have gone many places, always accompanied by my best friends and family and wouldn't have had it any other way! So here is to many more new and exciting adventures ahead of me and for Kev also! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and was so kind to think of me! I love you all! Have a good Thursday! We don't have classes today! So you can bet I will be going to the beach! Toodles!
P.S. Here is the giant balloon Kevin picked out for me for my birthday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lucks got Nothing to do with It

Well Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! It's crazy to think that for 10 or so years my mom and I were running around this time of year going to Irish Festivals on weekends and performing with my dance troop. Thinking back on it now I really really miss those festivals. The lovely music, happiness of everyone there (mostly because the audience was drinking but hey whatevs..), and the DANCING!! My best friendships were formed while being in that dance troop. I can't tell you how badly I miss doing jigs, reels and all those fun things!
 But as crazy and hectic as those days were, they are great memories and I can't wait to start finding Irish Festivals that AREN'T on Sundays and dragging Kevin along with me so he can experience my love of all things Irish!! And so today's Inspired Outfit is inspired by none other than the good ol' day itself, Saint Patrick's Day. Make sure you wear green or else them lil' leprechauns are going to pinch you!! Oh and make sure you watch this movie..
And Sean Connery is in it too! Watch it!

The Isle of Dreams
One day I will get to Ireland...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's A Boy!!

A hearty congratulations to my brother and his wife on their new baby boy! I'm so excited for them! I am SO happy he waited to come so that Ry could get home from Afghanistan! Thanks for waiting Thatcher!  Now their little boy, if he is anything like his daddy and momma is gonna be so FLY! And I know he would rock this hat like some his daddy does! Congrats again!My New Nephew

Inspired Outfit

Well this week has been pretty much insane. We got monsooned on yesterday and everything was flooded in the morning. A lot of classes were canceled.   Surprise surprise mine wasn't. But that's ok because I ended up getting a ton of work done in that class. Not much other than trying to stay dry around here and doing my best to make good decisions about future things to come!
But today's inspired outfit makes me want to dance around like I used to when I was little and pretend like I am a princess or ballerina! Luckily there is a Formal coming up on the 23rd that I get to dress up for if someone (achem KEVIN!) asks me! The outfit come from Diya and her blog diyainherstilletos.  I recently started following her and love how she is a smart, confident woman who kicks it with her style.  Enjoy!

Inspired Outfit
Skirt, Shirt, Necklace, Heels, Bracelets 1,2, Belt, Clutch

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rain and Refashions

Well the weekend has brought rain, rain and more rain! I luckily haven't fallen and broken anything (yet).  I have been entrenched on Facebook talking to fellow Modsquad girls and getting ideas from them. They are all AMAZING and so much fun.  But I am pulling myself away from the computer a tad to do SOME homework.  I put together what I wore yesterday on a Polyvore because well, once I got home I wanted to get comfy, read Harry Potter and drink Hot Chocolate.  So this was yesterdays outfit.

What I Wore

In talking to the Modsquad Members I asked them how they would style a certain black skirt that I have because I have been stuck on how to wear it more casual.  

Well I hope you enjoyed and I will be telling you about our exciting date on Saturday! Be ready for sarcasm btw.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Goodwill Monster

Goodwill junky coming through!! Yes I am Goodwill T-Rex. Stubby Arms!! Another reason why I hate pushups.  We went to Goodwill about a month ago and man was this baby HUGE! Can you tell from the top picture? Everything was pretty well organized except for the toy isle (there were many children screaming and playing). 
We went there to try and find a blanket for our engagement pictures. And look! There it is! Just below! Oh and they had some AWESOME fabrics that I of course didn't get.  
They also had some sewing patterns!
Kevin's finds were the Pikachu backpack above, and the wedding headband below.
Here is one of the few things I ended up getting. One button is missing a gold rim so I will have to find some new ones.
But man this Goodwill was awesome! Besides getting that blazer, we got a crockpot ($5), a cookie sheet ($6) and a pot (6$).  We should have come sooner! I totally forgot that they would have everything because of people leaving and moving off the island! DUH!! Seriously it was like a Walmart (without the food) and cheaper! I also spotted a Vera Bradley bag! But alas did not get it. Hope you guys have a good weekend! We are picking up our engagement pictures tonight before a free pizza and Basketball game date night! Nothing says love like a winning a pizza and using it for a date night.  Did anyone else win that Papa John's coin flip toss?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day Dreams

You know those days when you dream about summer, and the warm breezes in the day and nice cool nights come into your imagination?  Those days when you go out for a walk and hear all the birds and see all those beautiful flowers...ahhhh That's what I have seemed to be day dreaming about this week and so that is what inspired today's inspired outfit.
Besides not wanting to go to class and just play in the sun, I had so many things going on this week and was literally running back and forth across campus. Yes was super fun.
Here are some pictures I never got to share that I took of Hawaii! Hope it gets you into the summer mood!

Summer Vacation