Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Outfit Post

So I wore this outfit a while ago and was really proud of it. Even though it makes me look a bit bigger than I am! I'm wearing a dress I made and using it as a skirt with a plain black top. I it in half and tucked it up under a plain black belt from Goodwill.

I made the dress over the summer but it ended up being huge so I had to take it in and it's STILL big! The shoes I got at Ala Moana shopping and really wanted to try wearing socks with the adorableness that they are! I love this trend and just got a pack of longer socks at forever 21 in grey, black and white for starters (find them here).

The earrings I made that morning from some lace and a pair of earrings an old house mate was getting rid of. I mod podged the lace to the silver loop and VOILA! Lace earrings!

For my first time trying heels and socks I liked it and really want to try it again! I could definitely do it better though! Let me know what you think and any tips on wearing socks and heels or even some inspirations.
So enjoy my awkward photos! However props to the photographer (future hubby) for taking these!

I feel like I have my brothers legs (Jared I'm looking at you)

"I think I see something Kevin!"

Sorry for the not so fantastic pics. We used the ipod because I had no batteries for the camera! But hopefully we will get some soon! Enjoy your Tuesday! Hugs and kisses from Hawaii!

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