Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh happy day!

Today was a great and happy day for me! I finished an art project and have been able to do some wedding planning. I made a great lunch with regular bread rolls, crockpot chicken, spaghetti sauce, and melted cheese (Kevin loved it! Yay I can microwave!)  AND I got an email from  from Modcloth today and it said the following.....
I can NOT tell you how happy and excited I was when I read this! I can't wait to get started and be participating with a store like Modcloth!  Ironically I wore this outfit today that had some Modcloth items.
I wasn't able to take all the pictures on the same camera and so the first picture is from the Ipod but I still think they turned out pretty well! Thanks to the camera man again!
 The skirt I got during Modcloth's Cabin Fever sale for $15! I was so excited! But I almost sold it because it was just a TINY bit short. Then I shortened my mom's dress slip she gave me, kept the lace at the bottom and it made the skirt the perfect length!  The necklace I got when Charlotte Russe does their sale on necklaces for $5 a pop. That's when I raid the necklace section at that store.
The shirt I bought at a FANTASTIC goodwill in Virginia (shout out to SVU) and it was in the men's section so I took in the sides a bit to make it a little more fitted.  The shoes were a gift from my fiance who so kindly bought them as a birthday present for me last year. I wear them SO often! 
Shirt: Goodwill
Skirt: Modcloth
Slip: Mom's
Shoes: Modcloth (gift)
Pearl Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Belt: H&M (came w/ a skirt)
Bag: Vera Bradley Camellia East/West Tote

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