Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Earrings to Necklace Remake

I found this giant pair of hoop earrings the other day in town. Their diameter is 3.5 inches! I knew just what to do with them when I saw all 80 bajillion pairs of them hanging in clearance (I only bought one pair for clarification). I had seen necklaces like these from Forever 21 ... 

I LOVE this necklace! Want it so bad!

I don't rightly love this one but I think you're following the idea...

They didn't seem like they would be that hard to make if you had the right equipment. Well when I saw the hoops I knew I had to make a necklace from them! They were on clearance for less than $2! So if it failed i could make them into smaller, MUCH smaller dangle earrings.


 First I undid the earring hook and slid all the pieces off.  You can see the first group off on the right.  I then took a small gold chain and did one round studded ball then 1 or 2 of the spikes and continued this pattern until I ran out of spikes.  


I wore the necklace with this sweet patterned sweater I got on ebay. I was so excited to have this sweater today! It was cold and rainy in Hawaii. Perfect day for it! No outfit pics today as I hated the bottom half. VERY ill fitting jeans unfortunately.  Make sure you rethink those charm necklaces before giving them away or throwing them out! Keep the chains for a new necklace or make the charms into earrings! I didn't use all the gold balls and am trying to figure out a new use for them! Any ideas?


  1. Oh my gosh, how clever! I love that necklace! Cute blog by the way! xo- Berni

    1. Thanks so much! I love how it turned out. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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