Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inspired Outfit

Today I am off with some girlfriends to a Mary Kay party! I won it for my bridal party and I through Davids Bridal, but my bridal party isn't out here. Boo..But I'm so excited to get to spend a couple hours with my new girlfriends from BYUH!! 
Here is this weekends inspired outfit photo..

So fun and summery right? Well here is how I styled it. Bold colors with a laid back feel. 
Hope you enjoy and the bold colors get your brain thinking Spring and Summer!

Inspired Outfit

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Earrings to Necklace Remake

I found this giant pair of hoop earrings the other day in town. Their diameter is 3.5 inches! I knew just what to do with them when I saw all 80 bajillion pairs of them hanging in clearance (I only bought one pair for clarification). I had seen necklaces like these from Forever 21 ... 

I LOVE this necklace! Want it so bad!

I don't rightly love this one but I think you're following the idea...

They didn't seem like they would be that hard to make if you had the right equipment. Well when I saw the hoops I knew I had to make a necklace from them! They were on clearance for less than $2! So if it failed i could make them into smaller, MUCH smaller dangle earrings.


 First I undid the earring hook and slid all the pieces off.  You can see the first group off on the right.  I then took a small gold chain and did one round studded ball then 1 or 2 of the spikes and continued this pattern until I ran out of spikes.  


I wore the necklace with this sweet patterned sweater I got on ebay. I was so excited to have this sweater today! It was cold and rainy in Hawaii. Perfect day for it! No outfit pics today as I hated the bottom half. VERY ill fitting jeans unfortunately.  Make sure you rethink those charm necklaces before giving them away or throwing them out! Keep the chains for a new necklace or make the charms into earrings! I didn't use all the gold balls and am trying to figure out a new use for them! Any ideas?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Inspired Outfit

Well today's inspired outfit is from Kelly Framel of The Glamourai.  Loved this outfit that she wore at New York Fashion Week.  Here is the link to her post about the outfit.
Here is my take on it.
Inspired Outfit

Inspired Outfit by camik featuring a tee shirt dress

Well I quite enjoyed this outfit idea and had WAY too many ideas so I made a few different versions!  She is actually wearing a long shirt over a skirt and under a cropped sweater.  

Version 2
Version 2

Version 3
Version 3

Hope you enjoyed the cat sweaters and flowy skirts! I sure enjoyed them and will for sure be incorporating this into my closet! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No reds or pinks here!


I hope everyone enjoyed their love your love day! Kev and I decided that today would be the perfect day for PIZZA! YUM! But before we got pizza and a movie to celebrate 1 year of being engaged (...yay!!), he snapped some pics of my outfit for today! 

Dress: Ebay (Modcloth), Sweater: F21 altered, Slip: Moms, Belt:H&M, Nails: Essie "Turquoise & Caicos", Heel: Ross ($4.50!!)

 I'm not so good at pictures yet but I'm getting there! Have a good day! And yes, those are my pasty legs even in Hawaii. You would think I would have a tan by now! I've got some midterms and projects to study for so the rest of this week is going to be BUSY! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Graphics on Top

How cute and funny are these tops from Forever 21? 
How would you wear them (if you would)?

Can you guess which one is my favorite?
And for my art loving sisters...

Wouldn't this be a great weekend shirt to just be comfy in?
AND so I can match Kevin's Spongebob shirt...

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspired Outfit

Today's inspired outfit comes from a picture of a woman in over the knee socks and heels. Even though the picture is just the socks and heels, boy did my imagination go crazy and I had SO many other ideas from this! But this was a nice monochromatic toned outfit that I would definitely wear. And I will hopefully be getting more familiar and friendly enough with the camera that these inspired outfits will soon be pictures of my ACTUAL outfits I wear that day inspired by the picture.
Hope you enjoy!

Inspired Outfit

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh happy day!

Today was a great and happy day for me! I finished an art project and have been able to do some wedding planning. I made a great lunch with regular bread rolls, crockpot chicken, spaghetti sauce, and melted cheese (Kevin loved it! Yay I can microwave!)  AND I got an email from  from Modcloth today and it said the following.....
I can NOT tell you how happy and excited I was when I read this! I can't wait to get started and be participating with a store like Modcloth!  Ironically I wore this outfit today that had some Modcloth items.
I wasn't able to take all the pictures on the same camera and so the first picture is from the Ipod but I still think they turned out pretty well! Thanks to the camera man again!
 The skirt I got during Modcloth's Cabin Fever sale for $15! I was so excited! But I almost sold it because it was just a TINY bit short. Then I shortened my mom's dress slip she gave me, kept the lace at the bottom and it made the skirt the perfect length!  The necklace I got when Charlotte Russe does their sale on necklaces for $5 a pop. That's when I raid the necklace section at that store.
The shirt I bought at a FANTASTIC goodwill in Virginia (shout out to SVU) and it was in the men's section so I took in the sides a bit to make it a little more fitted.  The shoes were a gift from my fiance who so kindly bought them as a birthday present for me last year. I wear them SO often! 
Shirt: Goodwill
Skirt: Modcloth
Slip: Mom's
Shoes: Modcloth (gift)
Pearl Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Belt: H&M (came w/ a skirt)
Bag: Vera Bradley Camellia East/West Tote

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Outfit Post

So I wore this outfit a while ago and was really proud of it. Even though it makes me look a bit bigger than I am! I'm wearing a dress I made and using it as a skirt with a plain black top. I it in half and tucked it up under a plain black belt from Goodwill.

I made the dress over the summer but it ended up being huge so I had to take it in and it's STILL big! The shoes I got at Ala Moana shopping and really wanted to try wearing socks with the adorableness that they are! I love this trend and just got a pack of longer socks at forever 21 in grey, black and white for starters (find them here).

The earrings I made that morning from some lace and a pair of earrings an old house mate was getting rid of. I mod podged the lace to the silver loop and VOILA! Lace earrings!

For my first time trying heels and socks I liked it and really want to try it again! I could definitely do it better though! Let me know what you think and any tips on wearing socks and heels or even some inspirations.
So enjoy my awkward photos! However props to the photographer (future hubby) for taking these!

I feel like I have my brothers legs (Jared I'm looking at you)

"I think I see something Kevin!"

Sorry for the not so fantastic pics. We used the ipod because I had no batteries for the camera! But hopefully we will get some soon! Enjoy your Tuesday! Hugs and kisses from Hawaii!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Picnic Engagement Session

Well yesterday we took our engagement pictures at Hukilau Beach! It was fun and near by! We had lemonade, mini cakes, picnic basket, pillows, fruit and oh yeah, each other! Below is the closest I could find that resembled what each of us wore! The sun was blinding us most of the time so LOTS of our pictures will be us squinting! Hopefully we got some good ones! It was FULL of DIY projects also so I will be posting up the projects, recipes, and where I found them soon! Pictures will be ready in 3 to 4 weeks. I can't wait! Have a good weekend everyone!Picnic Engagement Session

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Special Day!

Well as the title says today is a SPECIAL DAY! Today is mine and Kev's 3 year anniversary! Yes we have been together for 3 years and they have been some crazy interesting years, but the best so far! We went through graduation, college, college transfers and so many other things these past years. And this year is especially awesome because we will be getting married in June! So here's to my best friend, fiance and future hubby!! You take care of me like no one else, you love me more than I thought someone ever could and I never want to be parted from you. Happy Anniversary KevinPicture taken in 2009