Thursday, January 5, 2012

Batwing sweater to normal cardigan

Well these past few days have been crazy! I just moved onto campus and so I have been trying to settle in and get used to the differences and not being able to see the fiance as much. But I have been busy so he has gotten some time to play some games with his friends from back home online. Technology. It's pretty cool. So the past week has been used to finalize wedding plans, do some projects and get in order for the next school semester! This semester I am taking a butt load of credits which is most likely going to kill my brain. I can just see the wedding pictures now... BUT I am hoping that with all my art classes I am taking (3 people. 3) My creativity won't get worn out and that it will just make it better!

Well last night I was pretty much organized, thinking about my clothes and a sweater I LOVE but don't wear as much because it has those batwings. Like these..

I thought I would really like the style which I did, but the sweater just isn't as versatile as I would like it to be. So I was going to sell it on ebay and then I figured why not take in the sleeves and the sides and make it a normal cardigan? So here ya go! How I made it a normal cardigan!

There it is! I love the lace around the collar and that it is white. I don't have many white things.
I turned my white sweater inside out. Then I took a cardigan that I love the fit of and turned that inside out. The grey cardigan has been worn a few times and so is stretched out and not as tight as right after you wash it. Then I matched up the collars and the bottoms of the sweaters. Pin them together along the edges.

The yellow mark is where I traced it with a drawing crayon. Take out the pins and take off the grey sweater. Pin the sweater along the lines and then sew! I sewed new shoulder seams and also under the arm an the sides. Tie off your ends, turn it right side out and viola! NEW SWEATER!

Not as bat wingy as before. Just a slight change but I will definitely be wearing it more often.
Have a good Thursday!

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