Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Maxi to pencil skirt!

So I got this maxi skirt over the summer and wore it once out here in HI but I couldn't walk in it because my strides are new yorker sized. After I figured I wouldn't wear it anymore I decided to make it into a skirt using this pattern.
I wanted to make the pencil skirt and see how it would come out. It was relatively easy. The only thing that took me a while was cutting one side of the skirt open and placing the pattern pieces so they would fit on. I placed the bottom of the skirt pattern at the bottom hemmed part of the maxi skirt so I wouldn't have to hem again! Yay less work! This is the before......
And here's the after!!
The back...I didn't have a zipper so I just extended the waistband so I could make it tie.
I just love that last pic because you can really see the color and print well. I really love wearing this skirt around. It is so lightweight and perfect for the weather around here in HI. My sewing class final is tonight and we are having a fashion show!! I will post some pics of that and my final project soon! Enjoy your tuesday!

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