Saturday, November 5, 2011

Awesome News!

Well you all know how I was depressed about my Jeffrey Campbell's gone missing??!
Well guess what random package showed up after a month of being unable to be found??! Yep that's right!! My package came with all the things that I had been waiting for! Kevin and I practically shredded the box to make sure the shoes were there! And they were! Oh my goodness can I tell you how happy I was they were safe and sound! Now I know they are just shoes, but Kevin bought them for me before we were even engaged and we promised we would save them for our wedding! So yes I had my shoes WAY before the dress!
Other than that, life has been pretty good! Midterms are over and now the final last stretch of school is underway! I started listening to Christmas music yesterday...Is that really bad?? Kevin and I saw Christmas candy in Foodland yesterday! They had 2 pound reeses cups...AMAZING!!
Here's to a happy weekend!! Have a good one everyone! Stay warm you east coasters!

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