Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well it's August already!! Yesterday was Kevin and mine 2.5 year anniversary! I can't believe we have been together for two and a half years! But they have been awesome years! Soon we will both be packing up to transfer to BYUH..yes BYU Hawaii!!! I am so excited! But i am REALLY going to miss fall fashion. I love the scarves, the warm gloves, the layers and layers of sweaters, the boots, the rich colors and of course Field Hockey! I miss that sport SO BAD!

Here is a cheesy video for you! Fieldhockey Absolutely Everybody. BUT seriously everyone and everybody can play. Men and women, anybody! Such a team sport! My mom and I even sent some used sticks and tennis balls to my brother in Iraq for him and the guys to play with and they LOVED IT! They didn't care much for the rules but he said they all enjoyed it alot!

My sisters will back me up on this but that sound of hitting the inside of the cage... sweet music!! I hear that and I am home!! But anyways sorry for the distraction!

Almost a month ago now I went with Kevin's family to Williamsburg, VA. It was so much fun!! We went to waterparks, buschgardens and colonial Williamsburg. It was crazy fun. I'll put up some pictures next post, but for now, enjoy this week and fill up those schedules with fun summer things to do! Go go go!

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