Thursday, June 16, 2011

Walking about

So this week Kevin and I took a walk at Poet's Walk. It's so pretty (buggy too!) with all the wild flowers growing in the fields! My pictures are not that great but Kevin's mom is letting us use her camera since Kevin is the only one that can get it to work!
No I am not dressed super fashionable but I am wearing an awesome v-neck shirt I got at Michaels! They had it in crazy neon colors and almost got more! Wearing my amazing pumas and jeans, and Kevin in his classic shirt and sport shorts, we treaded through the mud and hills to get to look over the Hudson by the bridge. It was so pretty! I mean for being the Hudson.

My mom and I have been trying to prep the house for Ryan's coming home for leave from being overseas in the military. My sister and her bf are coming up and so is my brother and his wife and kids. I can't wait to see everyone and have mostly everyone together!

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