Friday, March 25, 2011

Anita Darling!

I was searching Modcloth the other day, swooning over the clothes that are insanely adorable and "loving" (clicking on the heart button to love that item and save it in a list of things you love) so many dresses and shirts that had the same sort of feel. THEN I realized that so many of the items I loved were from the same company- "Darling" is their name...SO perfect! They are a UK based company and have the BEST dresses, skirts, sweaters...etc! On their website, most of their clothing is pretty expensive. On Modcloth they are about the same price but I also found one of their shirts on Anthropologie and got a little too excited. I flew through the Darling lookbook and fell in love! The name, the clothes just not the price. But I can dream can't I? This jacket is definitely what I will be dreaming of!

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