Friday, March 25, 2011

Anita Darling!

I was searching Modcloth the other day, swooning over the clothes that are insanely adorable and "loving" (clicking on the heart button to love that item and save it in a list of things you love) so many dresses and shirts that had the same sort of feel. THEN I realized that so many of the items I loved were from the same company- "Darling" is their name...SO perfect! They are a UK based company and have the BEST dresses, skirts, sweaters...etc! On their website, most of their clothing is pretty expensive. On Modcloth they are about the same price but I also found one of their shirts on Anthropologie and got a little too excited. I flew through the Darling lookbook and fell in love! The name, the clothes just not the price. But I can dream can't I? This jacket is definitely what I will be dreaming of!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Comparative Pricing

So I look at so many clothing websites that have the same kind of vibe that many times I see the same products at different prices...Like here's my new favorite shoe...
They are made by rocket dog and give a cute twist to the red heel with a floral and dot pattern. Here are their comparative prices... = $56.99 = $57.00 =$69.99

I'm sure most of you who love shopping already do some of this yourself, but it can save some money and help you decide if that item is really worth it.
Here's another dress I fell in love with on Modcloth called European shores! I loved the color but not the price...and the fact that it was sold out within 2 days.

But then I found the gray one on the right on Lulus!
Modcloth's price - $54.99
Lulu's - $43.00
..and it's still in stock.
Now here are some summer sandals I have been keeping my eye on! Now these babies are going for.....
$36.00 - Lulus (brown and black)
$26.80 - Urban Original (all three)
One last pair to show you all. So these shoes I spotted on 4 websites.

Modcloth -$44.99 (the above picture)
Lulus - $41.00 (in black)
Shopruche - $30.00 (chocolate brown)
Urban Original - $25.90 (black, camel and brown)
Ok sorry to ramble on about this stuff but I just LOVE comparing prices and getting a great deal! Hope you all can do the same!